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Dumpster Rental and Custom Hauling

“We maximize our services, to minimize your waste”

Our 20 and 30 yard dumpster containers are perfect for construction sites, roofing jobs, demolitions, home and business remodels and clean outs, as well as for landscaping work. We can also provide dumpster rentals for garbage collection and removal for special events.

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Commercial Debris Removal

Our on-demand 20 and 30 yard dumpsters are perfect for construction sites, roofing jobs, demolition, as well as long and short term business waste collection.


Residential Debris Removal

We can deliver a dumpster to any residence for remodel and demolition waste, roofing materials, landscaping debris, appliance and junk removal, and other household and property items that need to be disposed of. 

Custom Hauling

Bacson Pros specializes in custom hauling and delivery of construction and building materials, landscaping materials, as well as large rental equipment, or other large items that cannot be hauled easily. 

Special Events

We can provide a dumpster for sporting events, parties, corporate events, community events, local clean-ups, and any other special event where removing waste in a timely manner is important. 

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We have roll off dump containers to fit any job size. Whether you are operating on a large construction site and need numerous haul offs per day, or you need a dump container for a single, special event, we have the flexibility to accommodate any  project size.


Dump Containers

For Large Projects

Dump Containers

For Small and Medium Sized Projects

Maximizing our services… to minimize your waste

Our Dump Containers

Our roll off dump containers are perfect for any project size, large or small. Easy to unload at construction sites, in the wilderness, or in your driveway. We can handle all of your trash.

Ease of Use

Our dump trailers are 20′ x 8′ x 6′. With doors that open in the back, our dump containers are easy to load either from the sides or from the back. Our 6′ sides make our containers perfect for large debris that other companies cannot handle. 

Hauling and Deliveries

We can pickup construction, landscaping and other materials from the store of your choice and deliver it to your job site. We can also source the materials, just contact us for a customized quote. 

Minimizing Your Waste

Anytime you are running a business, beautifying a home or office, or hosting a special event…there is going to be garbage. Let us help you collect, remove and dispose of your waste in a professional and expeditious way. Contact us today, or schedule a dump container online today. 

Independent Contractor Waste Management

Are you an independent contractor needing custom waste management for custom projects? We offer excellent contractor rates so that you can keep your prices low, and customers happy.

Custom Dump Container Solutions

Do you operate a growing business that needs custom waste removal solutions? Signing long term contracts with waste management companies can hinder your flexibility. We offer unique custom long and short term solutions for your waste management needs. 

Special Event Waste Management

Are you hosting or organizing a large event? Bacson Pros is the perfect option for flexible waste removal. 

Residential Services

Are you undergoing a home, roof or landscape renovation yourself but need help with the demolition and waste removal? We have the solution for you! Our professional and qualified staff can assist you with the actual demolition, deposit the waste into our dump containers, and they will dispose of the materials themselves!

Special Hauling

Are you working on a large project and need special hauling or delivery? We can deliver compost, landscaping, building and construction materials, as well as furniture, appliances and household goods. 

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  • Friendly

  • Responsible

  • Flexible

  • Professional

You can be confident that our friendly and professional staff will be on time to your job site, will deliver in the exact location you need the container, and they will return on time to keep your job moving. If you need help on the site, simply hire one of our Pros to help you out. 

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We have some of our frequently asked questions answered here. If we missed anything, email us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our dumpster rentals, hauling and delivery services, long and short term services, and anything else that you may need to know. Use the contact form below, email us at, or call us at 801-577-2697.

How much do your containers really hold?
– 12 pallets of stacked product
– 50 large lawn/leaf bags
– 2 days of garbage at food manufacturing plant
– 3 days of garbage at restaurant
– 1 day of demolition/construction materials
– 10 landscaping trees/ bushes
– 35 cubic yards, 960 cubic feet of mulch, bark, rocks, sand, etc.
– 1 full garage of possessions
I am a contractor, do I get special rates?

Yes! We love contractors! Contact us for a customized quote, or call us at 801-577-2697

What is the difference between you and the large garbage companies?

With Bacson Pros you only work with professionals. We maximize our services to minimize your waste, so we offer extra large containers to handle your waste, extra muscles when you need help removing and disposing of household items, construction and demolition services, flexible payment options, and competetive pricing.

Do you service...Park City, Heber, Provo, Spanish Fork, Logan....etc

YES! We are flexible, mobile, and ready to assist in your waste removal needs. Although there may be a small extra charge to travel to regions farther than 40 miles from Salt Lake City, it will be well worth the small extra expense for the level of service, and options that you get from Bacson Pros.

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Client Testimonials

“I was in a long term contract with the local waste company. They never came and they were expensive.  I quickly moved to Bacson Pros because they came as often as I needed them and it was so convenient for my growing business.”


“I have so much garbage from my food production company and the guys at Bacson Pros come help me not only load it all into the dump containers, but they also dispose of it, and they bring me a clean container that I can refill throughout the week.”


“My husband and I wanted to remodel our kitchen but we didn’t know anything about demolition. The strong young men at Bacson Pros came and removed all of our appliances, drywall and flooring. They loaded it all into the dump trailer and it made our remodel SO EASY!”


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